Our Gear for good program partners riders with the services and products they need, while ensuring that every purchase benefits our sport. Below are the companies thinking past profit, to the community.


Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures is putting their money where their heart is. For all trips set up through frmtb.org, they’ll donate somewhere around $2,000! We’ll be setting up regular trips so visit Chasing Epic and let us know what trips you’re interested in.


The strongest carbon bikes on the market? Made in Colorado? FRMBer discount and they give back with every purchase? Yes please! Contact your group admins for a GG promo code that does some serious good for your trails!


The awesome riders at Floyd’s of Leadville have decided to take care of the riders of FRMTB with an awesome 25% discount. Floyd’s are the leaders in premium quality CBD recovery products and they’re providing huge support for the cycling industry as a whole. Use “frmb19” at checkout.


ESI not only makes some of the best color options for grips in the business, but they are light, comfortable and come in a wide variety of styles.


Mountain bike training with the best in the world. Coach Dee Tidwell won the 2018 BME and trains the best riders in the world, literally. Through this partnership, FRMTBer’s can get a very solid discount on the training that just won overall at the 2019 Trans New Zealand Enduro.


Kitsbow manufactures what are probably the best women’s and men’s mountain bike clothing and gear available. This is the good stuff, the gear that lasts for years and years and comes with an uncompromising warranty. Ready for some legacy pieces? Matt is a Kitsbow Ambassador, so contact us on FB or IG and we’ll talk to you about your needs and hook you up with FRMTBer pricing.