Breaking News: Underrepresented Group of Mountain Bikers Find Some Semblance of Satisfaction With $1,000 Cranks

Chet throwing down with his "Brohams"

Chet throwing down with his "Brohams"

FRMB Senior Lifestyle Reporter Will Flow interviews a mountain biker who recently moved from Southern California to Golden, Colorado about overcoming stigma, accessibility in mountain biking and advances made to be more open and friendly to this downtrodden minority of riders. See our interview with Chet Rodgers DDS.


Will;   Chet, what was the first thing you noticed from a mountain bikers point of view, about Golden?

Chet;   The abject poverty was pretty striking Will. Coming from a cosmetic dentistry background in Malibu, it’s hard to believe people still live like this. I moved here for an upscale outdoorsy lifestyle and I’ve hardly seen a single G-Wagon.

Will;   Okay... Can we focus on how you’ve overcome limitations and accessibility issues in mountain biking? You called us for this interview Chet.

Chet;   That’s what I’m talking about bro. It’s a hard time to be an eccentric millionaire in mountain biking these days. Look man, nobody told me there would be trailer parks here. Can you imagine how many bikes are on the trails right now that are less than $5,000?! How can you even feel safe? 

Will;   So you see the advancement of mountain bikes, upgrades in technology and increased bang for your buck as a bad thing? We’re not really following you here Chet.

Chet;   Yes. Obviously. Dude, Cane Creek JUST came out with $1,000 titanium cranks! It’s a start I guess. Thank God that they didn’t put a chainring on it, making it an actual complete component. It’s been a struggle to find stupid, expensive and unnecessary parts for our Moots bikes these days. We’ve been stuck with ENVE Wheels (they aren’t even French bro!), exceptionally fast wearing and expensive Schwalbe tires and carbon shifter's to prove our superiority. F$cks sake man, they made an Eagle setup for poor people. I think it’s called yardbird or GX or something. Pretty soon we’ll have to switch to titanium fat bikes with Lauf forks. Are we supposed to live like trash because we've been burdened with wealth? It's hard enough being a white male out here...


Get all you see here, for a limited time only, for just $999! You even get to chose your own chain ring (at your own cost of course). 

Get all you see here, for a limited time only, for just $999! You even get to chose your own chain ring (at your own cost of course). 

Will;  Really feeling sorry for ya over here Chet... wow. I’m not sure how you’re going to make it.

Chet;   Right! Unbelievable. The upper middle class are crapping all over our trails on $5,200 Santa Cruz’s like they own the place. Ibis just came out with a full carbon 29er that can be had for under 5k man. WTF?!

Will;   Chet, I think we’re going to have to end it here. Good luck overcoming your challenges. I’m sure that as mountain biking grows there will be many more opportunities for you stand on the backs of other using the latest technology mixed with an exceptionally high income. Good luck on your journey to end the oppression of the wealthy.

Chet;   Will you let the ladies know I’m single?

Will;   Noted.

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Will reminds us to check out The Golden Giddyup, COMBA and your local advocacy group if you want to maybe spend half this much on a crank and donate the rest to building rad trails!