Florida to Colorado: We Interview Werner

Werner is a member of the Tampa Bay Area Mountain Bike Peddlers Association (the Florida sister group to FRMB) and we decided to get a transplants' take on what it's like coming from Tampa to Denver, from a mountain bikers perspective.

FRMB;  So you're moving to the Front Range. Congratulations! Tell us a bit about yourself. Tell us what bike you're currently riding and talk to us about your previous mountain biking experience.

Werner;  Well my name's Werner Friedmann II, I'm 31 and a full time dad to two awesome kiddos, an eight year old son and a ten year old daughter, and I was born and raised in New Orleans, La but I have spent the last 10 years in central Florida. I started mountain biking around 10 years old and first traveled to Colorado at 11 for a mountain bike camp in Winter Park, Co and that's when I fell in love with Colorado and knew wholeheartedly that mountain biking was my first love. I took a decade long hiatus from biking during my late teens and twenties but got back at it about four years ago. I currently ride a 2013 Rocky Mountain Altitude 730 and love it! 

FRMB;  Have you ridden mountain bike trails in Colorado or the Front Range? 

Werner;  As I mentioned before I rode them when I was 11 but they were mostly beginner trails but that was all it took to have me hooked. After riding in Florida the last few years I've become bored with my local trails and over the last year I've traveled to several states to ride and have found I needed more, Florida just wasn't cutting it any longer. 

FRMB;  If you had to break down your thoughts about mountain biking on the Front Range, into one word, sentence or short paragraph, what would that be? 

Werner;  It's where it all began, it's home to me.  

FRMB;  We're assuming that you've watched videos of Colorado and Front Range trails. What trails and or areas are you most excited about and why? Is there a particular video (please do note if it's in our curated videos section) or story that gets you particularly pumped up about riding here? 

Werner;  Deer Creek looks pretty gnarly and Trestle as well. I'm a lover of downhill but I do have a love/hate relationship with the climbs since it's where I feel I'm building mental and physical strength, while downhill tests my ability to make quick decisions and of course the chance to go fast! I've really enjoyed watching Nate Hills videos with his smooth footage and the great narration he does during them.

FRMB;  We know that you've immersed yourself in a bit of the Front Range mountain biking culture, you're on the FRMTB Facebook group for example. We realize that at this point, it's a bit of a long distance relationship as you're a few days away from moving here but, what are your early impressions of the mountain bike culture here? How does it initially seem to differ from the Tampa scene? 

Werner;  Well, the passion for biking in general is in a league of its own in Colorado I've always felt. I can't think of Colorado without thinking of biking too and I believe that's how most people that live there feel as well. Tampa has small scene with a handful of really passionate riders who seem to keep the scene alive for the rest of the people there who only occasionally make time to ride.

FRMB;  What issues do you see with moving across the country to a new place with new trails and a new mountain biking community? Any lingering questions or is there anything that the FRMTB community can help you with? 

Werner;  Altitude first and foremost! I've lived at or below sea level my whole life so it will take some getting use to initially. Second, would be all the parts I anticipate I'll be replacing a lot more frequently than I currently do in Florida.  The riding in Colorado is much more strenuous on a bike than what I'm accustomed to in Florida. But, these are issues that are easily addressed most of the time and honestly I have little to no worries about this move as it's something I know I've wanted for a very long time.  

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